The Middle Class have had a busy but very fun first term in school. The boys worked very hard and enjoyed outings, art, walks and trips to the Café. In Maths class we learned about number, tens and units, fractions and had great fun with shapes. We found different shapes in the classroom and then got to make a 3D square, using toothpicks and marshmallows! The best part was deconstructing and eating our work! Art was fun this term too. We did plenty of drawing and painting, and looked at the work of Joan Miro. We got to do lots of work with clay – and made Frankensteins at Halloween as well as clay hedgehogs. For PE we did dance and Gynmastics, we are practising our tumbles and will perform a dance for the Christmas play – we hope you enjoy it.

We were so lucky to get to go bowling and to the sensory cinema. Everyone really enjoyed the bowling. The movie we say was Inside Out, and we got to enjoy chips in McDonalds afterwards. We had a special visitor this term too – Keith Duffy popped in and met all the boys. He was impressed by our boys and enjoyed a few jokes with them about his hair!
We have done so many stories and poems in English – the boys loved learning about Hibernation and were really intrigued by a little pet ‘worm’ we had in the class. They played nicely with him and learned about being gentle with pets and animals.
We are really looking forward to next term, we will go on more outings to town, trips to the café and get plenty of class work done too.

July 2016

July provision was a great success. Thanks to the wonderful staff for making it all happen. We had lots of
trips out, made possible by additional funding from St. Anthonys and the Claddagh Credit Union.Each class
had so much fun this July

The weather didn’t dampen the middle classes spirit this July and a
fun filled summer camp was had. Some of the trips included
Monkey, Business, Jumplanes, Cinema, Aquarium, Treasure Island,
Museum and Turoe Pet Farm. One of the main highlights was
Turoe Pet Farm where the students enjoyed the inflatable city and
feeding the different animals. Another great experience was going
to Jumplanes, which was tiring for both students and staff alike.
Who knew jump0ing on trampolines would be such a hard but fun
workout. During July we also kept up our cooking skills where we
created some delicious master pieces such as pizzas, muffins and
chocolate chip cookies. Art also play a key role in making July a
fun experience for the students, we had lots of wonderful
creations. The middle class especially enjoyed the art sessions
where we made sock puppets and paper maché puppets. Sincere
thanks to artist Sandra who worked with all classes through the
artist in school scheme funded by Galway County Council.