November 2018

We have gotten off to a great start this year, and cannot believe how the time is flying. We said sad farewells to two great boys, Paul and Luke, who were super assets to our class, but we know that they are both flying it in their new classes. We were so delighted to welcome Danny to the middles in September. He is a super young man and is working so well with his new friends.
We have been very lucky to get the first slot for swimming this year. All 5 boys are really taking to the
water, like fish. We are so grateful to get this opportunity, as every boy has really improved even in the few days we have gone. Having good swimmers in the staff team, has meant that the boys are given extra
opportunities to improve their techniques.
We have had a few library trips, and are really working hard at all our individual reading goals. In group we have read many books including “Leaf Man”, “Owl Babies” and “Lost and Found” – we paired these books with art activ-ities, such as making puppets, and drawing “spooky owls” in chalk
We didn’t celebrate Halloween our traditional way of trick or treating in the neighbourhood this year. Instead we went to Keane’s Pumpkin Farm in Kilcolgan. We got to select our own special pumpkins from the farm (and had a sneaky play with some pets they had for sale there). Back at Ábalta, we made a DELICIOUS pumpkin pie. All the boys participated in cutting up a pumpkin, rolling pastry and mixing ingredients to create this traditional Halloween treat. We also drew “spooky” faces on our other pumpkins and carved them, to make Jack o Lanterns
We will be going to see The Lightmaker in Nuns Island Theatre, and I know the boys will absolutely love it.

Middle Class - Acrobat snapshot cropped