November 2018

We had a fantastic first term here in the Junior Class. Everyone has settled in so well and we have really enjoyed learning and playing together. We have loved starting up our Handwriting Without Tears group and all the boys have made such good progress and are working so well. Our sensory learning approach to literacy has worked brilliantly to engage all the boys at story time and has brought a great sense of drama and fun to the Junior Class. The boys love to feel, touch, smell, see and hear lots of the elements of each story in such a fun interactive way. We have enjoyed many stories so far such as Elmer The Elephant, The Leaf Man, Joey The Friendly Monster and The Three Little Pigs. We have also enjoyed creating lots of lovely art pieces based on these stories, Autumn, Halloween and more. The boys are really enjoying learning the new songs in our morning circle time and are doing great with the actions and their engagement at group is super. Halloween brought a wonderful sense of fun and wonder to the Junior Class. We loved getting all messy carving up our pumpkin and exploring its slimy contents with our hands. We also loved digging into our bloody body parts jelly! The boys loved making (and eating!) our chocolate, marshmallow and sprinkles covered apples too. The boys did really well trick or treating to the middle and senior class and all were very happy with their loot! We are now getting stuck into our Winter theme and getting all ready to enjoy this magical time of year with the build up to Christmas. We cannot wait to share more of our learning adventures with you all!

Acrobat snapshot cropped