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Ábalta Special School is a day school based in Parkmore, Galway, Ireland, for students with autism and complex needs. Students in the school range in age from aged 4 to 18. The multi-disciplinary team of teachers and therapists ensures the delivery of educational programs tailored to the needs of each student as well as supporting those students and their families:

  • The school is a unique facility that provides individualised teaching programs with high staff to student ratios.
  • Student learning is aided through the service of a behaviour support and learning specialist on site.
  • Sensory needs are addressed through intensive occupational therapy interventions by the school’s occupational therapist.
  • Communication programs are delivered by the school’s speech and language therapy consultant.
  • Community integration is fostered for students though mainstream integration programs in local schools as well as community linkage with local industry for older students.

Ábalta Special School has grown from its 2001 parent-led establishment as a centre for children with autism to its current status as a special school that offers a range of child-centred, evidence based educational programmes strongly focused on helping children with autism reach their individual potential. All children have a very comprehensive Individualised Educational plan which encompasses the National Curriculum, as well as individual, behavioural, communication and independence goals.

Autism Ireland is the patron of Ábalta. Our ethos is based on the following principles:

✓ Child centred
✓ Evidence Based Intervention
✓ Individualised
✓ Multi denominational

✓ Co-Educational
✓ Parental Involvement
✓ Professional Respect

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